Port of Long Beach

This model of the port of Long Beach California was built as a civil - engineering model to show the new bridge and proposed layout of the port. The client had a tight budget and we worked closely with him to get the shapes needed without more detailing than was required. We work hard to serve our clients needs and ...
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Four Bridges

These civil engineering models were constructed as alternative designs for the Hoover Dam commuter bridge project below. The models were built in a larger scale so each one reached four feet across. Sections of the canyon on each side were accurately cut so that the footers and anchors could be accurately represented. The scale was large enough to see the ...
adminFour Bridges

Hoover Dam

One of the great tourist attractions in the west is Hoover Dam. Besides regulation the flow of the Colorado River and generating electricity for several states, it is also a marvelous place to visit. It is so popular an attraction that tourists jam the highway over the dam and cause many traffic problems and delays. The solution is the newly ...
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